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«Syrnaya Gyberniya» - Russian cheese producer. Today, the company produces natural cheeses according to the best European recipes with their adaptation to Russian life.
April 2017
Develop packaging design and shape for the line of premium semi-hard cheeses. Agency supervision on the selection of food material and packaging. Adapt design to other SKU.
Cheese packaging consists of 3 parts: The main packaging is made in the form of a square box with a notch on the sides, which allows the cheese to fit snugly to its walls. The second part is a wrapper (food paper) for cheese, which is dyed with food-grade paint, at the same time demonstrating the company's history and other types of cheese.
Packaging design development for cheese
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Russia, Moscow

115054, Dubininskaya str, bld. 57/1
tel.: +7 (495) 241 04 82
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