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Permalko JSC is one of the top 20 largest producers of vodka and alcoholic beverages in Russia. The company is part of the SPI Group, which provides new opportunities for improving technology, production and sales cooperation, and introducing advanced quality standards for products that meet the best world standards.
February 2019
In connection with the restarting and expansion of the product range of the Parma brand, it is necessary to develop a label design that would inspire confidence in the local market and cause association and direct local connection with the home region. Focus on the unique features and features of the manufacturer's region and highlight the product among other product representatives in the region.
The visual concept of the "Parma" brand is based on the history of the region, known both inside and outside. "Perm Animal Style" (ornamental style) - originated independently in the Perm Territory, building its patterns from elements of the conditional image of animals, human figures and birds. The concept was based on the images of "Mother Duck" and "Man" - the image of which is the hallmark of the region.
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115054, Dubininskaya str, bld. 57/1
tel.: +7 (495) 241 04 82
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