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OTP Bank

OTP Bank (Russia) is a member of the OTP Group, which is one of the leaders in the financial services market in Central and Eastern Europe. The OTP financial group has 69 years of history, and in Russia the bank has been working with clients for 24 years. OTP Bank is among the 50 largest banks in Russia, and in a number of areas it is among the market leaders.
January 2019
Develop a design for a bank cards and design a premium preferred card.
The overall concept should be the same for the line of cards, with further adaptation of the design to promotional materials, which will help to reveal the essence of the product and the benefits of each card in a boxed kit (welcome kit).
The main ideological component of the design is based on the use of images of natural and natural textures translated into a plane. The combination of natural structure and perception in the plane - can form interesting images and vivid emotional impressions. Adaptation of the design takes place on any media without losing the main idea.
Design development for bank cards
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Russia, Moscow

115054, Dubininskaya str, bld. 57/1
tel.: +7 (495) 241 04 82
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